Teenagers are Terrifying

I currently live in the same place I have currently lived for approximately 18 years. Which is to say that I’ve only ever lived in one town. I can, however, appreciate that moving to a town such as my own is a daunting prospect, especially when one considers that my town is a – gulp – school town.

Let me clarify; I live in a town (its more of a villagey suburb now that I think of it) which is built around the existence of three well performing single sex schools and an odd university college thing that only offers courses on religion. And a coffee shop.

So ultimately, there’s a lot of kids around. Particularly teenagers. Teenagers who go to single sex schools. Who don’t meet other kids except in the coffee shop or sometimes in the teeny tiny park. So my town is basically a mating ground for the underaged and underdeveloped. Those of us who have grown up around it have learned to ignore it (read: hide from it). My warning to you, oh unfortunate stranger, is never to make eye contact. You might not come out alive.

Inspired by the daily prompt.


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