Asian who hates spice?!

As daily prompts go, this should be a no-brainer. As previously established in this post, I am possibly the most stereo-typically white girl you will ever meet, in both looks and actions, despite being half Indian. My whiteness has also, apparently, permeated even my taste buds, and so without a doubt I would give up the ability to taste spice if given the choice.

This, dear readers, would not be an issue. At all. If I could do it right now, I most definitely would. I think there is something inherently masochistic about willingly placing spicy foods in your mouth. They literally burn your mouth. Literally. Hurt. Your. Mouth. Is it only me that seems to feel that?

My mother definitely does not understand that. On our last trip to the US she actually brought back a chilly sauce called ‘Death Rain’ because tabasco is now too mild for her. She actually puts something called ‘Death Rain’ on her food and then willingly ingests it. Willingly.

Spicy food is definitely something I have yet to enjoy.

Inspired by this.


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