Eats; shoots, and leaves.

Or in other words, why punctuation is more important than spelling.

This daily prompt has indeed prompted many thoughts – I have an issue with overusing (misusing?) hyphens, ellipses, and commas. However, I personally believe that it is far more important to use punctuation correctly than spelling.

In the news recently, I’ve seen a vast array of articles warning of the importance of great spelling in job applications, because we have grown so reliant on spell check that  we have simply forgotten how to spell. But have you ever come across a misspelled word so badly spelled that it became incomperhnesible?

You seemed to do just fine with my spelling of incomprehensible.

But, consider the following sentences (which I think are subject of a book I haven’t read but seem to have a copy of in my downstairs loo?):

  • “Strangely, the panda only eats shoots and leaves.”
  • “Strangely, the panda only eats, shoots, and leaves.”

And thus the horror of misusing punctuation appears. It is the difference, my friend, between a homicidal mammal and a hungry teddy. But if I had merely misspelled ‘panda’? I think then that we would be far safer from potential serial killer pandas, and also be more inclined to type.

Inspired by this.


5 thoughts on “Eats; shoots, and leaves.

  1. Iff i mispell ever werd in this sentents what wood yoo thinque off me? But if I spell every word correctly, and leave off the question mark at the end, what would you think of me. Misspellings give the writer the opportunity to make a mistake in every word in a sentence. Most sentence have only one or two punctuation marks; using them incorrectly (or omitting them), isn’t as big a deal to me.

    1. But do you think that we should be so inclined to judge someone purely on their spelling ability? Being good at spelling doesn’t necessarily indicate a high IQ.
      Also, punctuation isn’t limited to punctuation marks, it also includes capitalizing your ‘i’s, which you (interestingly enough) didn’t do in your first ‘should be judged’ sentence?

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