Creepy Nightmare Criminal Minds?

I’ve had a recurring nightmare since I was young, and although it sometimes starts differently, the overwhelming terror it evokes remains very much the same.

I’m running through the woods (the one at the bottom of my road) and I’m being chased by a group of men, young men, probably in their early twenties. Their skin is pale, really pale, as in Twilight Edward Cullen pale, and they’re carrying some kind of long spear. I keep running and screaming and running and as I run I can see newspapers flash by with a faceless girl on them. I don’t know what happened to her, but I know it was bad. And eventually I wake up.

Now you could probably interpret this as a combination of a) watching too much Criminal Minds at a young age and b) living in a big (often violent) city, but I’d like to think that the cause is something more mysterious. Perhaps it is a manifestation of my deep rooted fear of pointy chopsticks? Or maybe that I really don’t like trees? I don’t know. Still creeps me out though.

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